Tattoo Aftercare

For nourishing tattoo aftercare, we combine the fresh tattoo with foil and treat it with the best aftercare products. EDO Tattoo uses exclusively high quality products from our sponsoring partner BELIVA Cosmetics*. The vegan-based natural skin care range completely dispenses with synthetic ingredients and is the only one to contain Argan oil and shea butter. After tattooing, we will inform you in the Studio in detail about the subsequent care for the coming days.

It is important that you wear the foil bandage on the skin for at least 2 hours, even overnight it is OK. Then the foil can be removed carefully and all traces of paint and wound water can be removed softly with warm water and soap.

Aftercare – care your skin afterwards

Am folgenden Tag verwenden sie eine Wund- und Heilsalbe aus der Apotheke oder ein spezielles Tattoo Aftercare Produkt. Bitte immer nur dünn auf die Tätowierung auftragen. Waschen sie sich dazu vor jeder Behandlung gründlich die Hände. Einmal täglich reicht für den Schutz der Haut aus, sofern die Creme nicht abgerieben wird. Vermeiden Sie deshalb zu enge oder flusende Kleidung über der frischen Tätowierung.

The following day please use a wound and healing ointment from the pharmacy or a special tattoo aftercare product. Please always thinly apply it to the tattoo. Wash yourself thoroughly before each treatment. Once a day is enough to protect the skin, unless the cream is rubbed off. Avoid wearing too tight or fluffy clothing on the fresh tattoo.

Short showers are allowed, but you should avoid long or hot bathing. Therefore, places such as swimming pool, sauna, solarium are basically taboo until the final healing.

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Protect from sunlight

Avoid direct exposure to the fresh tattoo the next two weeks. Please note: Even healed tattoos suffer from the sun’s UV rays and should be protected with sunscreens with a high sun protection factor or appropriate clothing. This protects the tattoo from fading.

A fresh tattoo injures the surface of the skin in some way. You can expect a normal healing in 7-10 days. Please do not scratch any itchy skin, but always use well-suited care products. We gladly recommend you a suitable product.

If you have any further questions, please contact our studio manager in Neuss during opening hours, Tel.-No.+49 (0) 2131 5250947.


*EDO Tattoo, supportet by BELIVA Cosmetics GmbH, Mönchengladbach